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Japan Minky Park
MIDI and Minky Momo in the world

since Aug.05.1997

This site is Minky Momo (Gigi) specialty!
JAPAN: Mahô no princess Minky Momo
U.S.A.: The magical princess Gigi
FRANCE: Gigi la princesse magicienne
ITALY: Il magico mondo di Giǵ / Tanto tempo fa... Giǵ
MEXICO / PERU: Las aventuras de Gigi
SOUTH KOREA: Yosul Kongju Minky
TAIWAN: Tian tian xian
zi / Mo fa xiao xian nv

  MIDI and maniac information are offered. 1st series as well is dealt 2nd series.
  If you are the fun for Minky Momo, you can probably look forward to!

Almost pages are only Japanese language at now.



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 When you want to display them correctly, you have to use the browser corresponding to UCS and need Korean and Traditional Chinese, Arabic

♥♥♥ CONTENTS ♥♥♥
Last updated Language
MIDI Corner Jan.06.2003 English
Special Goods Aug.07.2001 Japanese (SJIS)
Normal Goods Sep.13.1998 Japanese (SJIS)
International treasure musium Jul.15.2003 Japanese (SJIS)
Report of overseas Minky Dec.10.2002 Japanese (SJIS)
Special selection AV Corner Jun.02.2002 Japanese (SJIS)
What's New of the Momo goods Nov.01.2003 English
Momo where decorated a cover Mar.14.2004 Japanese (SJIS)
Cell Gallery Sep.21.2003 Japanese (SJIS)
"Yochien" Cover Gallery Aug.01.1999 Japanese (SJIS)
Wonderful !? Calendar Oct.26.1997 Japanese (SJIS)
Minky software History hall Oct.23.2000 Japanese (SJIS)
J-SKY MOMO Jun.15.2002 Japanese (SJIS)
Minky Momo Message Board Closed (Japanese SJIS)
Minky Momo Painting Board

Momo Picture Upload BBS  Old Picture Stocker
Closed (Japanese SJIS)
Gift CG Gallery Feb.01.2003 Japanese (SJIS)
Data Stocker Dec.06.2001 Japanese (SJIS)
My Profile Oct.13.2012 Japanese (SJIS)
Momo Link Oct.13.2012 Japanese (SJIS)